Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw Safety Training

Chainsaw safety training is a valuable course for anyone working in an environment where chainsaws are used, such as landscaping, forestry, and construction. This training not only equips you with the skills to operate chainsaws effectively but also emphasizes safe usage to prevent injuries. It also raises awareness about potential hazards and teaches preventive measures and emergency response techniques. Taking this course can help reduce workplace accidents, increase productivity, and may be required by certain employers or industries for compliance with safety regulations.

Master the art and safety of chainsaw operation with our comprehensive Chainsaw Safety Training

Designed to cater to both beginners and experienced users, our course offers an in-depth understanding of chainsaw mechanics, safe handling, and efficient operation. We delve into essential topics including personal protective equipment, chainsaw maintenance, cutting techniques, and hazard awareness.

Partnering with Arbour Canada, we ensure our training aligns with industry standards, helping to reduce workplace accidents and boost productivity. Whether you’re in landscaping, forestry, or construction, our Chainsaw Safety Training equips you with the knowledge and confidence to handle chainsaws safely and effectively. Join us and invest in safety – your own, your team’s, and your community’s.

Hands-On Training

Experience our immersive, hands-on training, designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge applicable in real-world scenarios.

Expert Led Instruction

Benefit from our expert-led instruction, featuring seasoned professionals who share their wealth of industry insights and techniques.

High Employment Rate

Join our ranks of successful graduates, boasting a high employment rate that reflects our commitment to preparing you for a thriving career in the industry.

What You'll Learn

Notching and Back Cutting
(Trees smaller than 6" dbh)

Notching and back cutting is an effective technique for small tree felling, especially for trees 6 inches or smaller. It involves cutting a V-shaped notch and using a back cut to control the direction of fall and minimize damage. Using this technique ensures safe and responsible felling while maximizing the benefits of the wood harvest.

Personal Safety, Risk Assessment and Accident Prevention

Our course provides the necessary skills and knowledge for safe and effective chainsaw and cutting tool operation. Workers will learn techniques to manage variables, reduce risks, and increase productivity. Our training includes equipment maintenance, branch handling, and cutting best practices. Safety and risk mitigation are crucial in this field, and our training incorporates industry standards. With this course, workers can excel in their roles and meet industry demands.

Maintenance, Use, and Handling

The course includes potential hazards, proper maintenance and handling of the equipment, types of PPE, and emergency response. Gain hands-on experience cutting trees and clearing branches. By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in chainsaw safety and be fully equipped to handle this powerful tool confidently.

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