Fall Arrest Training

Fall Arrest Training

Fall Arrest Training is a necessity for any professional working in environments where there’s a risk of falls from heights. This includes individuals in construction, where workers often operate on scaffolds or unfinished structures; utility industries, where technicians may need to ascend poles or towers; tree services, where high climbing is a regular part of the job; and roofing, where working at heights is inherent to the role. Even industries such as manufacturing or warehousing can benefit, where workers may need to access elevated platforms or storage areas. This training is crucial for personal safety, legal compliance, and the creation of a secure workplace environment.

Safeguard your team and your future with our comprehensive Fall Arrest Training

This course is designed for workers in high-risk environments, such as construction, roofing, tree services, and utility industries. Our training provides a detailed understanding of fall hazards, safety equipment, and procedures to prevent fall-related injuries.

With a focus on practical skills and knowledge, you’ll learn how to correctly use safety harnesses, lanyards, anchors, and lifelines, and understand the importance of fall rescue planning. In partnership with recognized safety institutions, our training aligns with regulatory standards, equipping you to create a safer work environment.

With Ptarmigan Consulting Inc., elevate your safety standards and ensure a secure workplace for all.

Hands-On Training

Experience our immersive, hands-on training, designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge applicable in real-world scenarios.

Expert Led Instruction

Benefit from our expert-led instruction, featuring seasoned professionals who share their wealth of industry insights and techniques.

High Employment Rate

Join our ranks of successful graduates, boasting a high employment rate that reflects our commitment to preparing you for a thriving career in the industry.

What You'll Learn

Inspection, Maintenance, and Sizing of Equipment

To ensure safety on worksites with fall risks, robust fall protection systems are vital. Properly implementing and maintaining them is complex and involves analyzing all components. This process requires knowledge and attention to detail, from regular inspections to proper sizing and fitting. Understanding how to inspect, maintain, and size and fit all components is essential for worker confidence in their safety measures.

Record Keeping, Due Diligence and Risk Management

Learn about record keeping, due diligence, and risk management to identify hazards and mitigate them. This class is informative and fun, teaching best practices to create safer work environments and maintain compliance with regulations. Investing in this class means investing in yourself and your team, equipping you with tools for workplace safety and productivity, contributing to the success of your organization.

Understanding the Components of Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection systems comprise vital components such as anchorage points, body harnesses, lanyards with shock absorbers, connectors, retractable lifelines, and guardrails/safety nets. These components work together to ensure worker safety at heights by distributing forces, reducing impact, maintaining system integrity, and providing additional protection. Understanding these components is essential for effective fall prevention.

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